About Director

Meetesh Sugla

He started a career way back in 1998 from the BPO industry following it up with an own KPO in Pune by 2002. He got into the real estate industry in and around 2005 with the sole purpose of knowledge gathering and processing. With all the highlights, developments and analysis of the industry he decided to contribute to the unseen demand in the affordable sector of housing. By 2008, he was already on board with some of the best names in the industry as a marketing and investment consultant. He has participated in some of the major mergers in the “Hotel and Hospitality” industry. He has been very active in successfully executing joint ventures for some major townships in India.

With experience and knowledge, he today heads his own construction company, by the name of “Parshwa Gruh Nirmaan LLP”. His sole intention is to work on creating supply where demand exists. He wants to work towards his goal of social housing, and hence started at the under estimated level of the pyramid in the construction industry. As we all know, the supply at the bottom of the pyramid is very limited as compared to the luxurious high end sectors. People are creating more and more smart and intelligent homes, with budgets rising into many crores. The supply at budgeted, affordable and cost effective homes is still not matching with the demands in that sector. Meetesh, hence looks at working in bridging the gap between affordable and smart homes. He is clear that he wants to work in the valuable sector rather than the lustrous sector.
He today has in his kitty, three smart township projects located at Kharghar, Taloja and Panvel . He believes in making not just houses but creating homes. With a mix of simplicity and luxury , Mera Ghar is bringing High End homes to its investors at affordable prices. He wants to provide amenities, comfort and value to his homes. He strongly works with the objectives of transparency and integrity with his suppliers and his customers.

The government is strongly focussing on “housing for all by 2022”. The government has come up with new subsidy schemes, interest subvention on housing loans and reduced EMI’s so as to reach its national goal of Housing for all by 2022. Synchronising his dreams with the goal of the new government is what he wants to work at. He is motivated to fill up the already under rated supply with value, quality and statuesque homes with the vision “Ek Ghar, Har Ek Ke Liye”.

Rajesh Sanghvi

He comes with years of experience in real estate. He has his interests set in Energy, steel and manufacturing. His motto is to deliver superior quality products.
He started his career in the year 1990 with a family owned metal trading business. In the year 1991 he was engaged as a director with Raajratna metal industries ltd. There on in 1998, he started his own production project under the name of Ratnesh Metal Industries Pvt Ltd. , which is now successful with its exports in over 40 countries across the world.

He is a renowned trustee on board of the Hiramani School in Gandhi Nagar, a school comprising a student strength of 3000. The trust also facilitates a hostel and an old age home in Gandhi Nagar. Rajesh Sanghvi is also an active member with various social causes undertaken in the village of Ranasan, Gandhinagar. He is an elected member of the consulting committee of the food corporation of India for the state of Gujarat.

His sincerity and calibre has earned him respect in all his businesses. He works with principles of quality and honesty. He is the main key in bringing banking relations to Mera Ghar.

Paankaj Shah.

Is an active and enterprising philanthropist of Mumbai. He has a successful track record and he comes with an experience of two decades in the field of steel business. His company has risen multifolds over the years and today stands amongst the top few best enterprises of Mumbai.
He has promoted many reputed companies before venturing into the real estate business. He believes in continuous improvement with strong emphasis on quality, service and customer satisfaction. His knowledge of import and export brings with him a keen sense of responsibility, reliability and trustworthiness.

He believes, good time management is an important and appealing trait. He always works with people who work efficiently and who prioritise tasks appropriately so as to make sure things get done on time.He has worked with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and that only proves to be an asset for him. He is culturally and socially aware and active in today’s society. He is a part of many social organisations who work towards the upliftment of poor and the needy.

All the essential principles and values of Mera Ghar come from him and his background. He can be termed as the nucleus of the company and is responsible for overlooking the finances.