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Cancellation policy:-
This Cancellation Policy explains the rules followed under an event of cancellation by a client. It also explains to the visitors of mera-ghar.com, the documents ,strategy and information required pertaining to the matter. Visitors and users of the website are strictly unauthorized to use or plagiarize from the website Mera-ghar.com. The policies and materials on the website are exclusively owned by the Mera Ghar team. The company reserves the right to add, alter and delete material from the website and revise the company’s policies without any prior notification. Any visitor logging or navigating the website automatically agrees to comply with and be bound by the framed policies. All visitors are presumed to have read, understood and agreed to the following policy specified below.
The association:-
We at Mera Ghar believe in developing a strong association between a client and the organistaion. We maintain transparency and integrity with our clients.
The policy:-
If under unforeseen circumstances, the client needs to cancel an apartment, we follow a very customer friendly cancellation policy. We deduct 10% of the unit mount paid to us plus the taxes.
If at all a brokerage is paid at the time of booking, the brokerage automatically gets deducted too.
Time limit:-
The amount liable to be paid back to the customer is released within 60 days from the initiation of the cancellation procedure.
Required documents:-
Presentation and refund of original payment receipts and allotment letter of the client is mandatory for the completion of the cancellation procedure. Our experts are there to help you with your queries and concerns at all times. Please feel free to communicate through email, sms or phone call.

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